Rock ‘n Roll Pub Crawl Puzzle Rides

Our adults only, 21+ Rock n Roll Pub Crawl Puzzle Rides! You’ll need to “think to drink” as we take you to four local bars that you chose via your choices in music! Classic Rock features beers, Hard Rock features liquors and Soft Rock features wine, ciders, sellers and mead.  These rides are available daily starting at 3pm, and start at 12:30pm on the weekends.

Puzzle Rides offers and escape game/scavenger hunt…on golf carts! We have four family-friendly rides for all ages: Ghost Riders, Hijacked by Science, Pirate’s Treasure Adventure and Wild West Heist. Those rides are available as low as $35 per person, 7 days a week starting at 9am and our last ride is at 9pm.

Our ride price goes down the more people you have: 2-3 $49 each, 4-6 $44 each, 7-10 is $39 each


  • Date:
    All month long
  • Cost:
    Varies depending on party size
  • Location:
    Old Town
  • Website/Ticket Info