Leonardo: The Universal Man

Impact Museums proudly presents a new chapter of programming featuring the life works of famed Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo: The Universal Man.

Presenting five displays which explore the areas where da Vinci made his greatest impact, Leonardo: The Universal Man is truly an exciting new take on his famed drawings, sketchings, and journal entries. This exciting take on celebrated da Vinci discoveries and creations like the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and the Vitruvian Man bring audiences to awe with state of the art projection technology; featuring animated and kaleidoscopic treatments in daring color palettes.

This concept was developed by TWOFIFTYK – creative leaders who have designed some of the world’s most recognizable festivals, experiential events, activations, and more. While widely famed for his paintings (The Mona Lisa – 1503, The Last Supper – 1492, The Vitruvian Man – 1485) – he is also known for his inventions, contributions to modern mapping and architecture, science, math and medicine, and philosophical achievements. Da Vinci left behind prolific notebooks full of sketchings and ideas on anatomy, astronomy, botany, cartography, painting, and paleontology – known to be the epitome of the Renaissance humanist ideal and which ultimately led to some of the most important inventions and discoveries of modern times.

Guests may use promo code: “JUNDAY20” to apply for the 20% discount for Leonardo: The Universal Man tickets throughout the entire month of June.


  • Dates:
    All Month Long
    June 1 – June 30
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    20% off
  • Location:
    Lighthouse Artspace Phoenix
    4301 N Scottsdale Rd
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