Elevate Mind Skin Soul: $50 Off Treatments

Pamper yourself during June Days with $50 off the following treatments:

Flo2 Facial
A 4-in-1 facial that uses a device to create the ultimate flow for your skin. Radio frequency rejuvenation, gentle exfoliation with an oxygenating pod (oxfoliation), ultrasound, neo massage, and locked in with a nutrient jelly mask. Customized to any skin type. 60 min $199

Oxygen Facial
The healing, hydrating, plumping effect of oxygen is used throughout this whole treatment! Oxygenating enzyme, oxygen sprayer, oxygen serum infused with ultrasound, oxygen hydration mask, and oxygen dome. Ultimate refresher! Great before big events! 60 min $188

Korean Spicule Treatment
Spicules are derived from sea sponges and when applied to the skin create rejuvenation by promoting new cell growth. AKA liquid microneedling or green sea peel. A great way to achieve resurfacing benefits if you want an alternative to acids or needles. Consult must be performed prior. 40 mins $188

LED can be added to any treatment for $33.


  • Dates:
    All Month Long
  • Cost:
    $50 off
  • Location:
    Elevate Mind Skin Soul
    7329 E Stetson Dr Suite 11
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